Chairman & President Beijing Carsmart Technology Co. Ltd.


Day 2 – 14 Nov 2017

PARALLEL WORKING / SESSIONS - WCES Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable | 9.15 am - 12.00 pm

Mr. Zhang Chunhui graduated from JiNan University majoring in International Finance, and had further education of EMBA in Shanghai Fudan University. He is a co-founder and chairman of Beijing Carsmart technology Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, he is acting as a director and the second largest shareholder of United Electronics Co., Ltd.(a public company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 002642).

In October 2015, as a outstanding entrepreneur representative, Mr. Zhang was invited to travel to Britain with the state chairman, Xi Jinping. On the 6th Sino-British round table meeting, Mr. Zhang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Floow, a wellknown British car networking data company.

Awards received: 2016 (Industry) Influential Person, 2016 Chinese Internet Industry Innovation Person, 2015 Top Ten Car Networking Innovation Person, The Leader of 2014-2015 Annual Guangdong Internet Culture and etc.