Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor, ThreeEQ Inc., USA


Day 2 – 14 Nov 2017

PARALLEL WORKING / SESSIONS - WCES Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable | 9.15 am - 12.00 pm

Jason Ma 馬良傑 is a luminary G20 business and education influencer, board and strategic business advisor, mentor of next-generation leaders, elite college admissions counselor, parent confidant, author, and speaker.

Ma is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, an innovative global business, leadership, career, family, education, and university admissions success consulting firm. Ma is the author of the acclaimed book Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers, and a Forbes contributor on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education, and College Admissions (2011-6) whose articles have produced nearly 1 million views. His work has been featured in various media, including Forbes, CNBC Asia (Managing Asia and Squawk Box), Business Rockstars, Fast Company, Channel NewsAsia.

Ma serves as a trusted strategic advisor at Western and Asian enterprises, including Bright Scholar Education Group, China’s largest operator of K-12 private schools, and another group of companies chaired by a Wall Street titan. Applying his remarkably effective “3EQ” and “4S” success mentoring framework, Ma has personally mentored and positively transformed hundreds of millennials and teens as both leaders and beings. The achievements of many of Ma’s students include great career growth and/or admissions to Ivy League universities, Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, Oxford, and other elite universities—and sustainable happiness.

As a renowned global business and education thought leader, Ma serves as a perennial leading American member of the B20, the G20’s global business advisory council, contributing on the Employment and Education Taskforce and the SMEs Cross-thematic Group. As Silicon Valley’s leading B20 member through the G20/B20 in Australia, Turkey, China, and Germany, Ma looks forward to working with Argentina. Ma is a World Chinese Economic Summit Global Advisory Council member, a DC Finance Steering Committee member, a Western Association of College Admission Counseling sustaining member, and a NYTimes Higher Ed Leaders Forum delegate. He is a former APEC CEO Summit delegate, Pacific Basin Economic Council member, and has been a Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate for 8 years.

Ma holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley. Originally from Hong Kong, he is fluent in Cantonese and speaks Mandarin. Ma and his wife are joyful parents of two vivacious, high-achieving daughters. At home in Silicon Valley, Ma values unconditional love, high standards on what matters, and humor.