Conductor (Music)
Former Tourism Ambassador Malaysia to Germany


Day 2 – 14 Nov 2017

PARALLEL WORKING / SESSIONS - WCES Woman Entrepreneurs Roundtable | 9.15 am - 12.00 pm

Dato’Seri Ooi Chean See is among the few women in the classical music world as a conductor of international orchestras. She was the founding Resident Conductor of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in 1998, a position she held until 2006.

In 1991, she won First Prize at the International Conductors Competition in both Halle and Hamm.

Her conducting engagements have included concerts with the Bruckner Orchestra Austria, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and Southwest German Chamber Orchestra; collaborations with the State Opera of Dresden, Germany, in Salvadore de Bahia, Brazil; guest conducting engagements with the Czech Virtuosi at the Easter Festival of Sacred Music in the Czech Republic.She also toured Slovenia with the Chur Colnische Choir, which won the World Choir Award in Sydney under Datuk Ooi’s musical directorship.

Dato’Seri Ooi has worked extensively with youth orchestras such as the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra , Berlin Youth String Orchestra and the State Youth Symphony Orchestras of Halle and Saarland.

In recognition of her achievements, Dato’Seri Ooi was awarded the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship and visited the USA on the Fellowship Programme together with personalities selected from around the world for excellence in their profession and potential for advanced leadership. In 2013, she was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Arts at the World Chinese Economic Forum.