A new world order emerges when the global economy is being reconstructed. With Asia set to lead the world, everyone is presented with unbridled prospects. 21st century is therefore being heralded as the beginning of Asia’s decade.


The World Chinese Economic Forum focuses on the emergence of the Global Chinese economic power, which is not only from China but also from the Chinese Diaspora worldwide. And as we learn from past events, the work of the World Chinese Economic Forum takes on new urgency and significance.

The World Chinese Economic Forum is an idea whose time has come as China gears up to become the world’s 2nd largest economy which continues to move robustly ahead. At the same time the Global Chinese Diaspora spreads over South East Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas continues to be a vital force for economic prosperity and growth in their respective countries.


Consolidating cultural, economic and social values from the East and the West, the World Chinese Economic Forum offers considerations from a number of perspectives of the principal forces that will further integrate the Chinese Diaspora, and beyond. This is the ultimate platform to forge partnerships and alliances with everyone as this will be a key strategy forward in tapping into the global purchasing power.


This forum will focus discussions on China’s increasing importance to Asia and to the global economy, as well as the integral role that it continues to play in driving regional and global economic recovery. This forum also aims at promoting closer business linkages among the Chinese Diaspora, tapping into the economic resources of Chinese entrepreneurs around the world and providing a platform for global collaboration.


Setting a stage for a private and intimate forum within which participants can openly discuss their ideas and projections, and an opportunity for business matching, the World Chinese Economic Forum offers the ideal landscape for collective discussion of the most interesting issues facing entrepreneurs and investors alike.